What I enjoy most in the world

With such a busy year ahead and such big blogging plans and goals to achieve it isn’t hard to lose sight of what is truly important.

Sewing is my mental saviour. It keeps me relaxed, keeps me sane and of course, keeps the creative juices flowing. Not to mention it keeps my wardrobe stocked with pretty new dresses :D

So why don’t I do it more?

Well, like I mentioned, I’m very busy, plus my sewing room is located in an outbuilding in the back garden, and it is cold

Yada Yada Yada!

I’m fed up of making excuses.

So, when I came across the Sew for enjoyment pledge I just HAD to take it. This 2013 re-sew-lution has been devised by the wonderful So I Sewed This 


So this year I pledge to sew for enjoyment, for me, for the pure fun of it!

I’m not going to set myself any goals as such because I think that will make me feel under pressure to achieve them. Instead I am just going to promise myself and share it with you, my lovely blogging friends and ask you nicely to make sure I stick to it. Perhaps give me a nudge to make sure I am having a jolly good time crafting :D

Anyone else interested in a bit of stress free, fun sewing?

I am very excited and it is going to start first thing tomorrow, I feel a dress coming on …

That’s all for now

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16 thoughts on “What I enjoy most in the world

  1. Great idea! It’s what I do anyway. I also found that not buying patterns as soon as an indie releases one has helped. I can’t make as fast as the releases come so now I’m only buying if I know I want to make it fairly soon. Otherwise it will always be there to buy when I want to make it! Of course this is sometimes hard to stick to if there’s a tempting discount!

    • That would take an awful lot of self control. My weakness seams to be fabric, especially since I like to use bedding as a fabric source which can be really cheap. I think I have enough to last me a decade! At the same time though stock piling fabric and patterns isn’t all that bad, as when you all of a sudden find yourself in a creative mood there is always something to inspire and for you to sink your teeth into xXx

  2. What a great pledge! Yes, stress-free is key. (And maybe you can get a space-heater for the outbuilding in the back garden to help motivate you…long extension cord?) Can’t wait to see your next creation – – if you have fun while doing it, I know it will be fab.

    • That is the bad (and lazy) thing about it – I HAVE a heater! It is simply official, I have been bad of late, hence my pledge to snap out of it and start actually doing more of what I enjoy :D
      Have you got any crafty projects on the go atm? xXx

      • Oh, don’t be too hard on yourself! I know when I was in grad school and student teaching and planning a wedding, I did NOT have any energy for anything else creative. I know you’re a busy girl right now, so you can cut yourself some slack, I do say! ;-)

        I have a lot of crafty projects on the docket, but I’ve been working more behind the scenes to try to get ready for my blog’s migration from wordpress.com to wordpres.org. There’s so much to research in terms of plug-ins and graphics and layout that I’m devoting most of my time right now to that, but I have a few Valentine’s projects (like a wreath and a banner) that I want to make. So, I’d better get on that!


      • How spooky is that! I got married whilst in uni too!
        It would be great if you could do a bit of a hints and tips for migrating to self hosted once you have figured things out for yourself – it would be great to know what to expect if I ever decided to do the same in the future and I am sure there are a LOT of others that would appreciate it too.
        Good luck and thanks for the kind words – I’m going to stop being so hard in myself, promise :D xXx

      • Love your use of the term “uni” for university. Must be a British thing! I love it. And am going to start using it.

        And you can bet I’ll do a post or 12 (ha ha) on my tips for folks doing the migration. I’m not doing it alone (hiring someone to help me), but I’ll definitely have to share some recommendations and things I learned along the way. Let’s hope I make it through!

        And I’m glad you’re going to stop being hard on yourself. From your latest project, looks like you’re back in the saddle again!

        Have a great rest of your weekend, Hannah. Hugs! (and kisses!)

      • I am sure you will ACE the migration – with the way your blog has blown up it certainly seems like the right time for you to make the move. May I asked what exactly made you make the decision?

        Lol – I never thought of the term uni as weird! enjoy using it :P xXx

      • Sure! The main thing was that I kept wanting to add new plug-ins to my blog (like google analytics and comment reply notification); however, with wordpress.com, you cannot add any of these plug-ins. You only have the widgets that come with your blog’s theme. I also knew I wanted a new design that wasn’t just a general wordpress.com theme with tweaks (like my current layout), but a custom design unique to my blog. I figured it’d be best to do both the migration and new blog design in one fell swoop and get it over with! I don’t think it’s necessary to switch over to self-hosted wordpress, but if you find yourself coming up against roadblocks like I am, then it’s worth considering! I’ll be sure to share more deets on my blog in the coming weeks. ;-)

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